get [get; ] also, although it is considered nonstandard by some [, git]
GOT, gotten, getting: see usage note at GOTTEN got, got [ME geten < ON geta, to get, beget, akin to OE -gietan (see BEGET, FORGET), Ger -gessen in vergessen, forget < IE base * ghend-, to seize, get hold of > L (pre)hendere, to grasp, understand]
1. to come into the state of having; become the owner or receiver of; receive, win, gain, obtain, acquire, etc.
2. to reach; arrive at [to get home early]
3. to set up communication with, as by radio or telephone [to get Paris]
a) to go and bring
b) to bring [go get your books]
a) to catch; capture; gain hold of
b) to become afflicted with (a disease)
6. to learn; commit to memory
7. to discover to be as the result of experiment or calculation [add 2 and 2 to get 4]
8. to influence or persuade (a person) to do something [get him to leave]
9. to cause to act in a certain way [get the door to shut properly]
a) to cause to be [to get one's hands dirty]
b) to cause to arrive at [get the copy to the printer]
11. to take (oneself) away: often used absolutely
12. to be sentenced to [to get ten years for robbery]
13. to prepare [to get lunch]
14. BEGET: said of animals
15. to manage or contrive [to get to do something]
16. Informal to be obliged to; feel a necessity to: with have or has [he's got to pass the test]
17. Informal to own; possess: with have or has [he's got red hair]
18. Informal to be or become the master of; esp.,
a) to overpower; have complete control of [his illness finally got him]
b) to puzzle; baffle [this problem gets me]
c) to take into custody, wound, or kill
d) Baseball to put (an opponent) out, as by catching a batted ball
19. Informal to strike; hit [the blow got him in the eye]
20. Informal to catch the meaning or import of; understand
21. Slang to cause an emotional response in; irritate, please, thrill, etc. [her singing gets me ]
22. Slang to notice or observe [get the look on his face]
1. to come, go, or arrive [to get to work on time]
2. to be or become; come to be (doing something); come to be (in a situation, condition, etc.) [to get caught in the rain, get in touch with me]
3. Informal to leave at once: commonly pronounced (git) when used in the imperative or infinitive: Get is used as a linking verb in idiomatic phrases, and as an informal auxiliary for emphasis in passive construction [to get praised]
1. the young of an animal; offspring; breed
2. a begetting
3. Tennis etc. a retrieving of a shot seemingly out of reach
get about
1. to move from place to place
2. to go to many social events, places, etc.
3. to circulate widely, as news
get across Informal
1. to clarify or explain convincingly
2. to be clear; be understood
3. to succeed, as in making oneself understood or conveying one's personality to an audience
get after Informal
1. to pursue or attack
2. to urge or goad persistently
get along
see phrase under ALONG
get anywhere
to have any success or make any progress
get around
1. to get about (in all senses)
2. to circumvent or overcome
3. to influence, outwit, or gain favor with by cajoling, flattering, etc.
get around to
1. to find time or occasion for
2. to get started on, esp. after a delay
get at
1. to approach or reach
2. to apply oneself to (work, etc.)
3. to find out
4. to imply or suggest
5. Informal to influence by bribery or intimidation
get away
1. to go away; leave
2. to escape
3. to start, as in a race
☆ get away with
Informal to succeed in doing or taking without being discovered or punished
get back
1. to return
2. to recover
3. Slang to retaliate; get revenge: usually with at
get behind
1. to move to the rear of
2. to endorse or support
3. to fall into arrears, as in making a payment
get by
1. to be fairly adequate or acceptable
2. Informal to succeed without being discovered or punished
3. Informal to survive; manage
get down
1. to descend
2. to dismount
3. Slang
a) to relax and take part in social activity, play music, dance, etc.
b) to act or behave naturally, casually, without pretense, etc.
get down to
to begin to consider or act on
get in
1. to enter
2. to join or cause to join (an activity, group, etc.): also get in on
3. to arrive
4. to put in
5. to become familiar or closely associated (with)
get it Informal
1. to understand
2. to be punished
get it on
Slang to have sexual intercourse: often with with
get nowhere
to make no progress; accomplish nothing
get off
1. to come off, down, or out of
2. to leave; go away
3. to take off
4. to escape
a) to help escape sentence or punishment
b) to lessen the sentence or punishment of
6. to start, as in a race
7. to utter (a joke, retort, etc.)
8. to have a holiday; have time off
9. Slang to experience euphoria, an orgasm, etc.
get (someone) off
Slang to cause to experience euphoria, intoxication, an orgasm, etc.
get off on
Slang to experience or receive pleasure and satisfaction from; enjoy
get on
1. to go on or into
2. to put on
3. to proceed; make progress
4. to grow older
5. to succeed, as in making a living
6. to agree; be compatible
get on for
Brit. to approach (a time, amount, age, etc.)
get right on it or get on it
Informal to begin doing a task (immediately)
get out
1. to go out
2. to go away
3. to take out
4. to become no longer a secret
5. to publish
get out of
1. to go out from
a) to escape from or avoid
b) to help escape from or avoid
3. to go beyond (sight, etc.)
4. to find out from, as by force
get over
1. to recover from
2. to forget or overlook
3. Informal to get across (in all senses)
get one's own back
see phrase under OWN
get somewhere
to accomplish something; succeed
☆ get so that or get so
Informal to reach the point or state where
get there
Informal to succeed
get through
1. to finish
2. to manage to survive
3. to secure favorable action upon (a bill, etc.)
4. to establish communication, or make oneself clear (to)
get to
1. to succeed in reaching or communicating with
2. to influence, as by bribery or intimidation
a) to stir the emotions of
b) to annoy or irritate
get together
1. to bring together; accumulate
2. to come together; gather
3. Informal to reach an agreement
get up
1. to rise (from a chair, from sleep, etc.)
2. to contrive; organize
3. to dress elaborately
4. to advance; make progress
5. to climb or mount
6. go forward: used as a command to a horse
get with
to go along with: often in the phrase get with the program, to go along with the assigned or predetermined plan of action
SYN.- GET is the word of broadest application meaning to come into possession of, with or without effort or volition [to get a job, an idea, a headache, etc. ]; OBTAIN implies that there is effort or desire in the getting [he has obtained aid ]; PROCURE suggests active effort or contrivance in getting or bringing to pass [to procure a settlement of the dispute ]; SECURE, in strict discrimination, implies difficulty in obtaining something and in retaining it [to secure a lasting peace ]; ACQUIRE implies a lengthy process in the getting and connotes collection or accretion [he acquired a fine education ]; GAIN1 always implies effort in the getting of something advantageous or profitable [to gain fame ] -ANT. LOSE, FORGO

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